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    Unanswered: NEarly there with a problem..storing combo box value


    I have used the following sub to bring up relavant values for a combo

    Private Sub AnswerLookup_MouseDown(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)

    Dim tempclientid As Long
    Dim tempquestionsid As Long
    Dim sqllookup As String
    Dim temp As String

    tempclientid = ClientID
    tempquestionsid = questionsID

    test1 = tempclientid
    test2 = tempquestionsid

    sqllookup = "SELECT Stockqa.AnswerValue FROM Stockqa WHERE ((Stockqa.QuestionsID)= " & tempquestionsid & ") AND ((Stockqa.ClientID)= " & tempclientid & " );"

    AnswerLookup.RowSource = sqllookup

    End Sub

    (please excuse the test boxes..)

    I am having a slight brain drain as I have been working on this for 2 days solid but once the user has clicked on the value they want i want to store that chosen value in the lookup field or another one in the table.
    When i click nothing happens..

    please can anyone help me while I go a make a cup of tea and wonder why i dont have a life?


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