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    Unanswered: table design help please

    hi guys i have encountered a problem...

    i got this table..

    tblproduct - ID , CatID , ModelID Colour , Display
    tblproductDetail - CatID , ModelID , Height

    in tblproduct - ID is the primary key, CatID is the shoe code and ModelID is the shoe number.


    CatID ModelID Colour
    SB 0001 orange
    SB 0001 black
    SB 0001 blue

    in productDetail
    The purpose of this table is to assign the height of the shoe..i try not to put an extra feild in the tblproduct as i will retype all three colour for the same model..

    then i create a another table

    CatID and ModelID is getting drop down menu from tblproduct..but i encounter the ModelID has a repeating list even it's from the same shoe model..

    is there anyone who can help me to solve this problem?

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    I have used similar lookup fields and I use DISTINCT or DISTINCTROW in the query of the lookup field

    Hope this helps

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