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    Unanswered: Emails triggered from web site (news letter) seen as spam by filters

    I am using Jmail to trigger welcome emails, news letter etc from my sites, in recent tiem I find than when downloaded on outlook express or outlook norton anti spam and other anti spam filters are seeing this mails as spam.
    I can only guess it is because there is no header from outlook or so.

    Is there any think I can add to my scripts to avoid this, I enclose a script sample below:

    var msgTemplate = Server.CreateObject("JMail.Message");
    msgTemplate.From =  "";
    msgTemplate.FromName = "";
    msgTemplate.ContentType = "text/html";
    msgTemplate.Subject = subject;
    msgTemplate.Body = 'html tags and text going here';
    var mMerge = Server.CreateObject("JMail.MailMerge");
    mMerge.MailTemplate = msgTemplate;
    mMerge.BulkMerge(rsCust, false, "");
    Thanking you for any help

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    I have never used JMail for this so I'm not sure entirely how it works. But often emails are blocked because of the subject line or the wording of the content. By changing the words you use you can often get past them.

    Review your content and see if there is anything that might be alerting the spam filters...

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    Often, if the "reply" email address (or "Return address") does not match the domain of the smtp server sending it, that's looked at as a "red flag". Make certain to specify the reply to or return email address before sending.


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