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    Cool A db design to search through and find ppt slides?


    I just wanted you guys' advice on this little project. My church displays our song lyrics on powerpoint slides. Usually the songs are prepared ahead of time, so the correct set of slides are ready. But sometimes the speakers spontaneously chooses to sing a different song. It takes a while to manually search and find the right slides.

    I'd like to put these slides into a database. And then just search the database to quickly find the correct slides. But I think that it's probably not suggested to store entire ppt slides into a db. So this is my idea, please feel free to give me constructive criticism.

    Have Table A with 4 columns:
    Id_Num: primary Key
    songTitle: The songs official title
    keyWords: keywords from the song
    fileLocation: The location of the ppt.

    So maybe with microsoft access the user can fill in a search form that executes the qry: "Select * where songTitle = [entered name]" or "Select * wehre keyWords = [entered keyWords]" And the user is returned the file location?

    But there's a problem ... how do I write a smart qry that can google the database for me? So even if the songTitle isn't typed exactly right, the qry will still return possible matches? As in: Song A has 5 matching keywords, Song B has 3 matching keywords... so in the result Song A is listed before Song B?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    You might try Google's new search engine. It builds a searchable database on powerpoint.
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