Hello, I'm trying to export an Access report into RTF format. I'm using this code:

Set objAccess = CreateObject("Access.application")
objAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase "c:\Temp\db1.mdb"
objAccess.Visible = True

Set objDB = objAccess.CurrentDb()
With objAccess.DoCmd
.OpenReport "Etiquetas", 2
.OutputTo 3, "Etiquetas", acFormatRTF, "c:\Temp\VB\prueba.rtf",
End With

Set objDB = Nothing
objAccess.Quit acQuitSaveNone
Set objAccess = Nothing

But when executing outputTo(), Access shows a Dialog Box and tells me to choose the format I want to export into, although I set the 'acFormatRTF' param for the function. What can I do to avoid that Dialog Box and to execute it automatically?