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    Unanswered: changing expired Password over ODBC

    I want to detect the expired password and change them via showcase ODBC for DB2 database.
    I am connecting to the db2 database via ODBC through VB program.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Rladda:

    I had that same problem in the past with my customers, because the changed
    periodically their passwords (wich is a good practice).

    This is not a formal solution to your question, but is a workaround that might help you.
    1) Create a new user in the customer's system i.e.: USRMYAPP.
    2) assign a password to this user with the option "never expire"
    3) Grant all the required rights to these user in the databases of
    the application.
    4) Use this new user in your ODBC strings in your apps.

    I have done it this way and never had that problem again.


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    I don't have permissions to create a user in the db2 system, I can only connect to it remotely over VPN via ODBC.
    Thanks for ur reply.

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