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    Unanswered: Moving a production database, log shipping?

    Hi guys,

    We are moving a production database from one machine to another.

    What I was planning to do was to restore the database image to the new machine in advance. Then do a rollforward without STOP... keep it in rf pending until we're absolutely ready. I would then take the production system down, ship all the logs over to the new machine, ROLLFORWARD TO END OF LOGS AND STOP then be off to the races.

    Sounds good so far.

    Problem is, we need a backout plan, in case things don't go well. However we don't want to lose the transactions in the new system if we go back to the old.

    So what I'd like to do is put the existing database into ROLLFORWARD PENDING in the same way.

    Question : is there any way to do this without doing a full RESTORE? I was looking at (and tried) db2inidb, but it seems this only works when you have a split mirror. I was hoping db2inidb STANDBY would do the trick.

    Any tips/insight would be great.

    Jonathan Petruk
    DB2 Database Consultant

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    I found the following from the documentation

    db2rfpen - Reset rollforward pending state Command

    Puts a database in rollforward pending state. If you are using high availability disaster recovery (HADR), the database is reset to a standard database.

    >>-db2rfpen--ON-- database_alias ---log-- logfile_path ------------><

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