Help please!
I haven't been using access for a few months and I forgot everything I learned (which wasn't much to begin with). My problem is as follows: I have a process where, for simplification lets say, there are 4 stages.

Stages A, B, C, & D, and the flow looks a bit somthing like this:

/ \
\ /

I have two tables, one table contains information about each stage (name, capacity, notes, etc). The other table contains information about the relationships, ie:
From A to C, primary
From A to B, secondary
From C to D, primary
From B to D, secondary

My question is how do I get a report that groups things more or less in order. I have flow, so the stuff coming is A can only go through A, but then it could go through B or C, so their capacity is combined. Does that make any sense?

Thanks for any help you can give,