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    Exclamation Unanswered: Refer to different form

    Okay, I have a txtbox called txtHowMany it is programmed to add 1 onto the number every time its used and when it gets to 5 to won't work (TRIAL) now I needed to be able to easily get that 5 bk down to 0 so my friends could experiment without having to delete registry keys or using it 5 times. I have put a form frmReset which has a command button which when pushed sets off the code:

    Dim keyme As String
    keyme = InputBox("Please enter password", "Password", "")
    If keyme = "PASSWORD" Then
    Dim b As Integer
    b = Val(txtHowMany.Text)
    retvalue = GetSetting("A", "0", "Runcount")
    gd$ = Val(retvalue) - b
    SaveSetting "A", "0", "runcount", gd$
    txtHowMany.Text = gd$
    End If

    But txtHowMany is on another form (frmRegister) and the error is Object required meaning txtHowMany can i write code to show a reference to the other form and txtboxes on it

    Hope I explained okay, I knew what i was going on a bout

    Thanx in advance


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    If another form is loaded, you can refer to objects within it by using the full naming convention of

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