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    Unanswered: ODBC 'test connection was not successful'

    hi all -

    i have a Win2K server i set up last year and it successfully connects to my unix-based Informix SE 7.3 server using the Informix 3.81 32 bit driver (from the CSDK 2.80...3.81.0000 2.80.TC1, or, depending on which screen you're on).

    i set up another Win2K machine this week thinking this would be a snap, and no matter what i do, I can't successfully test the driver via the Windows ODBC System DSN configurator.

    the new machine has TCP/IP connectivity to the server and the CSDK 2.80 DBPING and iLogin tools connect successfully to the DB.

    here are the environment variables set in setnet32:

    /* this is exactly how it is in the working machine */

    /*on my other machine, it works with INFORMIXDIR=C:\Program Files\Informix\Client-SDK....on this machine, i've tried both...also with \bin at the end*/

    /* this is exactly the same as the working machine */

    when i try to apply and test the connection, i get: test connection was NOT successful...unable to load translation DLL.

    when i hit the apply button, i get: The displayed locale and codeset have not been found on the client machine. Using these locale/codeset will result in -23101 Unable to load locale categories error message. Please install the locales.

    i have also downloaded and installed the latest and greatest CSDK 2.81 (3.81.0000 2.81.TC3) and everything described above still happens.

    for reference, something similar happened to a dbforum poster last year using win98. the solution was to edit the path in autoexec.bat...which won't work for me since Win2K has no autoexec.bat. see:

    please help.

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    Check the "PATH" environment variable. It should have
    "C:\INFORMIX\BIN" or something similar included in the path. It depends on where you installed the SDK.


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    all the environment variables had been set correctly all along, and the CSDK ping tools worked, but the test connection from the Windows ODBC System DSN configurator wouldn't work.

    even though the server i set up last year did not require much of this, here's what i had to do to make everything work on the new machine:

    set the environment variables in setnet32 to the following:

    /*these were set correctly from the outset on my new machine...they were simply copied from my old machine*/

    then, and i didn't know this about windows 2000, you edit the autoexec.bat by doing the following (this was not necessary on my older machine):

    hit START -> RUN
    enter "sysedit" without the quotes and click OK.

    the System Configuration Editor app pops up, delivering among other things, a window from which to edit autoexec.bat. in my case, autoexec.bat came up empty.

    enter in the following into the autoexec.bat:
    /*where myinstalldir is the directory where the driver is installed*/

    hit FILE -> SAVE to save the changes and restart the machine to put them into effect.

    i believe there's an alternative method for updating the autoexec.bat (or config.sys) from the cmd prompt, but i'll leave that out of this post.

    it was NOT necessary to enter any of the following environment variables in Setnet32:


    under the Windows ODBC System DSN "Environment" tab, i used
    EN_US.CP1252 for both the client and db locales.

    thanks for your response.

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