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Thread: sorting dynaset

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    Unanswered: sorting dynaset


    i have a recordset opened as dynaset

    i want to find specific records, since a dynaset doesn´t allow the index property, i sort this recordset with :

    pRstGrb.Sort = "gbnr, klnr, stdat"
    Set pRstGrb = pRstGrb.OpenRecordset

    later on in the procedure i have to find another record, and repeat a sorting, like this

    pRstGrb.Sort = "klnr, stdat"
    Set pRstGrb = pRstGrb.OpenRecordset

    during execution, after some time, i get an error "nesting to deep", which is an result of the multiple sorting statements, not by do while, for-next etc.

    what´s wrong ?

    memory probs ?

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