Siebel 7.0.5 running on Windows 2000 Server
DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition 7 with fp10a
DB2 7 on z/OS


We have a user error that executes a thread on our midtier.
The only way to terminate / cancel this thread either:

- Restart the midtier service
- Revoke the UserID in RACF and cancel all threads for this user in DB2


Our problem:

Since the midtier session generates SQL statements that are ran in less than seconds, we can not use the RLIMIT utility to catch them. We have other jobs using CPU minutes and setting RLIMIT to seconds would affect these jobs.

My question: Is there any way to cancel a thread out of one or all of these abstract parameters:

- Commits
- GetPages
- SQL Statements


Canceling the thread normally in DB2 does not help, the midtier service has somehow cached the user information, and even when the user is loged off, the thread is immediatelly restarted. Hence I wonder whether it is possible to send a special message to DB2 Connect midtier when the thread is canceled in DB2, to force the process to be terminated midtier, or perhaps flushed.


The easiest solution is to prevent our users from generating this particular error, we are working in that, but I'm looking for a temporary automatic solution.

Don not hesitate to ask if you need any further information.

with Regards
Filip Poverud