My company have 10 to 15 persnole Laptop with MSDE setup and One enterprise SQL Server. i impliment Merge Replication for the complete team with ftp option. In this environment i made some filtered publication for various groups and they get that data in that order but i have some problem related to filtered record anybody suggest me any idea How to complete setup with my requirment. i give some points related to my requirment.
1. I have one table which has one image data type
This table is also used in replication. Any one suggest me this is good approch to use in merge replication if not then pl suggest me a good option. i dont know but Active directory is use for this replication. How to use Active directory in Replication.

Note:- (a.
2. i have publication of 4 join table A,B,C,D and i put filter on a.col1 like 'TEST%' so all other tables are join and result
i get as
1. All data of A where col1 like TEST.
2. All data of B related to a.primary key : same as C & D

Now i have some other table which have some grouping criteria and related ids store in this table
The table are : AA,CC
I add all AA,CC in Upper publication of A,B

Now i also need this data with upper criteria. i explain you
Record in A table

col1 ID
good 2

Record in B table

col1 ID Aid
test1 1 1
test2 2 1
test3 3 1

Record in AA table

ID Aid Bid
1 1 1
2 3 1
3 2 5

Now my problem is i need data with criteria like 'TEST' but also i need group other record "3" of A in joining conditiion difine in AA. But criteria of TEST is not fulfil so this record is not get in publication. but i want this record also any body suggest me how to get this record via replication.