I'm using MySQL server version 4.0.15a in an embedded envirionment (as a standalone server, I'm not using the embedded server library). I have 128 MB of memory and disk space is tight. I'm using MyISAM tables.

If my system loses power, some tables are left in a corrupt state. As stated in the MySQL documentation, I think the data tables are OK, its just that the tables were not closed properly and are considered corrupt by MySQL.

I need a FAST way to determine if a table is corrupt. I've tried myisamcheck --fast and --check-only-changed options, and increased the buffer sizes (-O key_buffer_size and -O sort_buffer_size), as mentioned in the documentation. The fastest time I can achieve is 6:55.

I've also tried "CHECK TABLE tablename FAST QUICK" on a table I know is marked as corrupt, and the fastest time I can achieve is 6:58.

I need to detemine if a table is corrupt within a few SECONDS, not minutes. How can I do this?

The documentation says there is a flag in myisam tables that indicates when a table is corrupt. Is there a way I can quickly check this flag?

Are there third-party tools available to help me?