Im trying to run sql scripts which contains insert statemens like this

insert into sales_point ( leaf,partner_id,partner_r \
eference,brand_id,model_id,serial_number,acquiciti \
on_date,last_service_date,customer_name,phone,fax, \
eMail,address_1,address_2,city,sub_city,county_id, \
state_id,zip_code,contact,status,comments,calcoman \
ia) VALUES (1,'MODELO','1416/4756','Nieto','REB-30 \
0','240EIF3641','2000-06-22 00:00:00.0',null,'YOSO \
UDA','','','','FRANCISCO VILLA NO.18','','MÉXICO', \
'AÑO DE JUAREZ','009','09','09780','ALBINO LOPEZ S \
ANTIAGO','PVI','La señora Senorina Guzman que equi \
po solicitado nunca lo enviaron y la tienda tiene \
año y medio que cerrò','');

RUNSQLSTM fails because of the line separator "\"

does anybody knows if there is a line separator character like "\" used on other db2 versions?