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    Unanswered: record submit...

    pushing my luck with two questions in one day....

    i've built a form that allows users to add/edit records in a table and i don't want the changes to be "live". I'd rather they have a button to submit the edits once they've been completed. any help is already appreciated.

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    don't use access....

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    I have same problem too

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    You may have to make a custom form that
    1. displays the records in a listbox with the table as a record source
    2. populates unbound textboxes / combo boxes with the fields you want to edit when a record is selected in the listbox
    3. runs an action query in an ADO Command to update or append to the underlying table when a button is clicked
    4. and requeries the listbox immediately after to make it look like the listbox itself was edited.

    I do that a lot for the forms that I create. You have to spend more time designing it, but it gives you basically unlimited control over what the user can do and see. There may be a simple way to do it with Transactions on a ADO Connection object, but I tried doing that once and basically gave up...the other way is more customizable.

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