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    Question Unanswered: Text Books For DB2?

    Hello all

    Can you please suggest me couple of good books to learn DB2. I have been working on SQL Server for last 3 years, so please suggest me appropriate book(s).

    To give you my background and my requirements...I am newbie to DB2 & AS400. I have been working on SQL Server 2000 for last three years and I am a DBA for my company. Now I have to design a huge database in DB2. My new company have all its legacy data in DB2 and all the (RPG) programs run on DB2. So I have to do the new one also in DB2 (and not in SQL Server).

    Please suggest me a good book for "Design of Database in DB2"


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    Hi achyuth,

    Try the red books available in

    I don't feel the books available in market would really help us.



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    I strongly suggest read the IBM manuals that comes with the DB2 Software, which helps you to build a strong DB2 foundation and build up...

    Another suggestion is get DB2 certification guide either 7.1 or 8.1
    Author George Baklarz and Bill Wong.


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