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    Unanswered: physical standby database

    hi anyone worked on physical standby database before? i have following questions :

    1- document says to put the following line in the primary database init.ora file:
    log_archive_dest_2='SERVICE=dev1 reopen=60'

    but at this point the standby database is not present so wont the primary database hang if I try to start it with above parameter?
    and if I dont put the parameter yet and create standby database first then how will I later apply the logs ?
    can some one point out the steps in creating a physical database ?


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    firstly this parameter does nothing
    you must add a second card to enable

    log_archive_dest_2_enable=true then the logs will be transferred if the standby host is available otherwise your alert.log will fill up will messages like
    target dest .. not available on every log switch

    create the standby using a cold or hot backup of your primary node
    startup nomount pfile=<stdby pfile>
    startup mount standby database ;
    recover [managed] standby database ; -- this applies the logs
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