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    Unanswered: getting dates from SP to show in CR

    Hey all, So I have two textboxes where a user enters Dates (in Vb.NET), then a sql stored procedure executes and grabs the data accordingly.. .and finally a Crystal report is brought up. Now, I want to display those two dates that the user entered on the report. How do I do this?

    I think I need to create parameters in CR as the same name as my declared variables in my SP??? I've been playing with these, but no luck yet.

    In my SP this is where the dates are stored from form...
    "declare @RstartDate DATETIME
    declare @RendDate DATETIME"

    Thanks for any help!!

    p.s. - using the Crystal Report Viewer in vb.Net... it asks for where your report to use is on the HD, does this report get implemented with the program when you go to build it all and distribute?? Or must these reports be placed on the user's computers as well?? Just curious how that all works, Thanks.

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    If your params are built into the sp then Crystal will already have created them as report parameters. Take a look at Insert, Field Objects and expand the Parameters list.

    Now all you have to do is drag the field parameters from the field list onto your report. You can even embed them into another text object like so:

    Report of telephone enquires between [?from param] and [?end date]

    Sorry but I know nothing about the application so hope the above still helps.

    Regards - Andy

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