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    Hosting Sites

    Is this the right place to ask a question about web hosting? I'm curious to read what other users have found to be suitable hosts and their experiences(no slanderous posts please!).

    I'd like to know about things like adverts ont he sites and pop up ads uptime and so forth.

    I'm with Brinkster at the moment. For my purposes it's pretty much ideal, ofering .asp, .aspx and .php language support as well as msAccess and mySQL databases (SQL Server if you go to the more expensive package than I have).

    Unfortunately it doesn't offer domain names as part of the start up package (e.g. which has left me with a very long url.

    I've seen other sites which seem to offer more for less and I'm curius about oher people's experiences.

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    Hello. The best place to ask web hosting questions will be on a forum that discusses web hosting itself. I suggest you head over to

    For a start, most hosting companies should offer you an option to host using your domain name. Some free hosts also offer to use a domain name (with ads). Other free hosting offer like geocities will give you long URLs.

    Take care and good luck!

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