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    Unanswered: Report/Combo Box problem


    I have a table with a field that stores the value of a combo box. The combo box has 8 options. The options relate to an items status e.g. in transit, being repaired,etc. I run a query and prompt for the status value say in transit=1, and the query returns all the items that are in transit. So far so good.
    What I would like to do is generate a report with a heading that says "GOODS IN TRANSIT", how do I translate the numerical value of the status field into a meaningful heading for my report?
    A soloution that doesn't involve writing any code would be preferable. Thanks in advance.

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    In the table that stores your combo box values, you can have two columns, one with the ID number and another with the actual text. Use the ID to link tables in a query, etc, but place the text field on your report for display (put the ID on your report as well, just make it invisible). You can also change what columns are displayed in your combo box as well by checking the control properties - make sure the ID field is the Bound Column, but only show the text field.

    For example:


    ID Type
    1 Goods in Transit
    2 Being Repaired

    Combo Box properties:

    Column Count = 2
    Bound Column = 0
    Column Widths = 0;1.5" (or whatever width you want)

    That way the combo box will display the text, but the ID will actually be the value of the combo box. That way, people won't have to remember the IDs for each option.

    Does that help?

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    you've pre-empted my next question, that was going to be about getting around the problem of users having to remember the ID's. You suggest a second column with the actual text, but how do I get text into the new column that corresponds to the value that is returned from the combo box?
    The status will be updated as a particular item moves through the system. There are potentialiy 8 different status settings.
    When you say ID your refering to the number that's stored when you make a selection from the combo box, correct?

    Thanks for your help.

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