I am using the following to hide a page from my Users.

Function Item_Open()
Dim Dbe
Dim MyDB
Dim Rst
Dim Rsm
Dim Counter, CounterStart
Dim RequestNum
Dim RqBox

'Hide 4th page if Sender is blank
Set MyInspector = Item.GetInspector
If Item.Sendername = "" then
MyInspector.HideFormPage("Manager Approval")
MyInspector.ShowFormpage("Manager Approval")
End if

Is there a way that I can hide a third page. After the first two pages of the form are filled out, I want to forward the form using a Command button to someone else.

At this time I then I want it to dispay the 3rd page that is hidden from the Users. I need to limit the hidden page to about three different people.