I have probally exceeded my qouta of questions yet I have another.

In access 2000 I have a db.
I have a tabel Subsistance_tbl
this table contains payment made to my organization.
Each time a payment is made a new record is added to the tale with the registration number(regnum), the amount collected(amtcol), the date collected(datecol), and the person who did the collecting (percol)

What I need to do is add together the sum of all monies collected in a date range for each regnum. So I need to regnum 123's total and regnum 456's total and so on.

I have this query currently:
SELECT Subsistance_Tbl.datecol, Subsistance_Tbl.amtcol, Subsistance_Tbl.percol, Subsistance_Tbl.regnum
FROM Subsistance_Tbl
WHERE (((Subsistance_Tbl.datecol) Between [forms]![dateentry_frm]![startdate] And [forms]![dateentry_frm]![enddate]));

I need these totals to use in a report that has very specific formatting requirements as is goes to a Govt agency.

What is the best way to do this ?
Any help as always is appreciated.