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    Unanswered: how do i get rid of 2lines in each cell?

    hey guys. I recently did a data export from my access database. How do i get rid of 2 line returns in each cell so it's all on one line. It looks like there is a tab in a stream of text such as address. here are some examples;

    "350 S. Grand Ave.
    43rd Floor"

    "8301 Florence Ave.

    how do i get those like this "350 S. Grand Ave. 43rd Floor"
    "8301 Florence Ave. #318".

    Theres about 700 and it's way too time consuming to go to each one and press back space. What is the most efficient way to hadle this?? Thanks guys

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    Open the code window and put something like this in

    Sub Test()
    Selection.Replace Chr(10), ""
    End Sub

    Then Highlight your area and run the Macro

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