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    Unanswered: Importing tables from SQL Server


    I'm new in Oracle and I'm trying to importa some tables from a database in SQL Server 2000. I'm just looking for some tip o some web site where I could find information. I have been looking in google, but I just have found how to copy oracle tables to SQL Server.



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    RE : Importing tables from SQL Server

    Couple of methods and depends how familiar you are with oracle tools and/or MS SQL Server tools.

    If you find a document that allows you to migrate Oracle data to MS SQL Server, reverse the process. eg. use export from MS SQL Server and push the data to oracle via odbc.

    Dump the contents of MS SQL Server to a flat file and use SQL*Loader to load the data.

    If you are familiar with MS SQL Server you may find the push method easier to use.

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    use bcp to unload to data from ms sqlserver
    use sqlldr to load them into oracle

    customize a controlfile for sqlldr much the like as a fmt-file for bcp

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