Hey all. This is probably a real newbie question (but since I am a newbie I guess it's alrite!
I have two tables, Clients and Drawings, linked by ClientID (unique, 5 character). When I add a drawing, I have a drop-down box with the Client's names read from the Clients table for the user to select a Client. Problem is, it doesn't fill in the Drawings.ClientID filed with the appropriate data when a Client is selected, and I keep getting errors along the lines of "Primary key cannot contain null value" (which it doesn't) and an error about the join key not matching up and that I have to enter the key into the primary table before entering it into this table...AHHH! Basically, I just want to have it so the user can work with (and select from the dropdown box) the Client's actual name rather than the ClientID. Help!