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    Unanswered: Data Access Page - Parameter Query

    I've given up trying to figure this out!!

    I'm trying to run a parameter query for every record that lies between 2 dates. I can do that bit no problem.

    But I need the query to return all records if they are left blank.

    There is a sample bit of code out there that uses the Nz function but when the query is run through a DAP I get:

    'undefined funcion 'Nz' in expression'

    The field i am trying to run the query off is:

    This is what i tried with the Nz function:

    WHERE (((Main_Data.Date_Raised)>=(Nz([Enter Start Date - Blank for First],#1/1/1901#)) And (Main_Data.Date_Raised)<=(Nz([Enter Finish Date - Blank for Last],#12/31/2999#)))

    Cheers in advance

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    as far as i know the Nz function act on variables of the Variant type.

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    Should i be using the IIf function or is there something obvious i'm missing?

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