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    Unanswered: seperating info from a query

    I'm working on a study about Nurses, every two months we send out a survey, (batch 0,2,4,6,8, e.t.c) some of the nurses started later and some have dropped out, what i need to do is go down the list pull the nurse name, then the batch # and all the other instances of the nurse name. Then dump the info onto a table of its own for analysis. THEN (and heres the stumbling block) ineed it to go to the next name (row) in the table and run the same query, over and over until i have a report on how many surveys EACH nurs turned in and which.
    As icing on the cake would be if it could ignore duplicates (i.e the next time it hits "Mary Riley" it passes)
    I have a table in Access with 1600 rows but probably only 3-400 unique users
    Is this possible??
    I'm new to SQL and Access and if i can't do this here i'll have to use SPSS or STATA (which i'd rather not)
    Thanks in advance

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    Use the 'report wizard'.
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