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    Question Unanswered: Display multiple images on a form

    Hi all,
    I am writing an application that stores images ie: jpegs. What i have done is to create a database in access with field names like Name, date, type etc. I have at moment 1 form with an ole picture control so i can view them. This works fine if I want to to look at each record individually. What I would like to achieve is to enter in to the program a certain date and all the images that correspond to that date appear on the screen. Instead of me putting an ole image box on the screen (or lots of them side by side!) is there a command that will show all the pictures from that date like 'show.picture' and the screen will fill with pictures??????

    Waiting with fingers crosses.

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    No, you would have to write your own.

    (and, btw, field names like "NAME" and "DATE" are extraordinalily bad ones to use, as both VB and most database implementations have reserved names which include name and date...)
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