I created another database instance by cloning it from another database on the same machine. I'm running Oracle 9i on Solaris 8. My cloning technique was to copy the data files and just recreate the control files. The new database instance is actually running perfectly.

I'm trying to use the DBNEWID utility to change the DBID of my new instance. I'm able to reach this part(e.g. only)

DBNEWID: Release

(c) Copyright 2002 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.

Connected to database DB2 (DBID=3942195360)

Control Files in database:

Change database id of database DB2? (Y/[N]) => y

then I get a "NID-00100 Cannot open datafile" error message for cf1.f

The control files do exist in the specified location and are owned by oracle. I'm also running under oracle user. They also have -rw- permissions which means they are writable.

I'm not sure why it keeps on complaining that it can't open my control files.

Any help is appreciated.