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    Smile Unanswered: Access Menu Bar Restricted


    Im trying to Restrict the MenuBar in Access, so that users can't change anything in the program? Any ideas?

    It needs to be able to work on any computer, iv tried some VBA code but it doesn't seem to be able to work! Any ideas would be great....!


    Stew :O)

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    If you want to turn off the menu bar altogether when you display a form, set the form's MenuBar property to -1

    Hope this helps.
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    Do you mean the entire application? In the Tools-->Startup menu, there are a lot of options regarding what menu bars appear, etc, when the database starts. But if you turn them off to where you can't get back to Tools-->Startup through the menu bar, you need to create some kind of way to open it through a button or code, etc. Something like

    DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdStartupProperties

    beneath a button or a double-click on a control will open the Startup dialog. Put it somewhere where a user can't get to it, like a form that only the administrator can open when they log in.

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