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    Unhappy Unanswered: SQL0904N Reason code: "00C900D1"


    I get this message when I run java application throught DB2 connect(unix) to DB2 server (OS/390).

    [DB2] SQL0904N* Unsuccessful execution caused by an unavailable resource.*
    Reason code: "00C900D1", type of resource: "00000907", and resource name: "*".* SQLSTATE=57011

    I check resource name is data space(00000907) in DB2 OS390 menu.

    How can resolve this problem?

    Thank you for every hint.

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    Explanation: The amount of space allowed for processing LOB values by a user has been exceeded. The amount of space allowed per user is indicated by panel DSNTIP7.

    This reason code is issued by the following CSECTs: DSNOTCSO

    System Action: The operation is not allowed. DB2 returns 'resource not available' to its invoker.

    System Programmer Response:

    If you suspect an error in DB2, refer to Part 2 of DB2 Diagnosis Guide and Reference for information on identifying and reporting the problem.

    Problem Determination: The requested operation is not performed. An SQLCODE -904 is issued. Message DSNT500I or message DSNT501I may also be issued. For more information, refer to the "SQL Return Codes" or to the description of the DSNT500I and DSNT501I messages.

    Collect the following diagnostic items listed in Appendix B, "Problem determination" in item PROBLEM_DETERMIN : 1, 3, 5.

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