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    Unanswered: FoxBase 2.1 and XP problem

    Hi I have managed to get a friend foxbase running under XP.

    I have two questions:

    The program only fills the top half of the screen - I have tried changing all of the options under properties run maximised, full screen etc but to no avail - any ideas?

    Also he ideslly wants to get the prograsm updated to run properly under Windows XP as a windows package rather than the original DOS package - is this possible and if so how?

    He is running two machines linked together.

    Please forgive me if I am not too clear I haven't done much database work.



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    FoxBase under Win XP

    We work with FoxBase and can help you. Please contact us at

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    In windows select fox icon & right click it. select properties & select
    01. shortcut. then select maximized.
    02. options -> display options as full screen
    03. layout -> screen buffer size ->width=80,hight=25

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