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    Unanswered: sql loader problem

    Hi All,

    This has me stumped.
    I need to unload data from one table and sql load it into another table in another database.

    I unload it to a text file, but the problem i am having is that in some fields there is an end of line/newline character and when i look at the text file a record is spanning 2 lines.

    When i then sql load it, it thinks that each line is a seperate record and it fails. I need to export to a text file and i need to version control the file, so i can always go back to an older version if i need to.

    Is there a way i can tell sql loader when the end of the record is
    i.e. something like RECORD TERMINATED BY '#~#'

    or is there anyway i can get this record onto one line without stripping out the end of line/newline character


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    why not export the table rows and just use the import utility?
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    I agree with Duck ... export/import if both are Oracle .. much quicker and cleaner ...

    Otherwise ... try creating a tab (or comma) delimited file from sqlplus, then you should be able to load it thru sqlloader ...

    set linesize 120
    set header off
    set pagesize 0
    set feedback off
    set trimspool on

    spool c:\test.txt

    select username||chr(9)||sid||chr(9)||serial#||chr(9)||pr ogram from v$session;

    spool off


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    If it's two oracle databases, why even bother with exp/imp - just insert it across a database link
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