Hi, my first time here

Using SQL 7.0

We're doing replication and we've changed the Subscriber
Hardware but gave it the same name

Publisher is SRV-ERP
Distributor is SRV-DISTRIB1
Subscriber is SRV-SAISIE

The publication is TransWU1 : Replicated table is "CstAdr"

While i'm "sending subscription", i get this error :

>>> Line 81: Incorrect syntax near '@c1'.

when this SP is running :

{call sp_addsynctriggers (N'CstAdr', N'null', N'SRV-ERP',
N'OlympicProd', N'transwu1', N'sp_MSsync_ins_CstAdr_31',
N'sp_MSsync_upd_CstAdr_31', N'sp_MSsync_del_CstAdr_31',
N'dbo', N'null', N'ReplicRowVersion', N'null', 0x010000)}

Some help would be greatly appreciated