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    Unanswered: Strategy for nightly backups using ftp

    I am using SQL Server 2000 and trying to create a disaster recovery strategy that would run nightly and backup the database or at least the changes and would ftp these to a secure ftp site. For smaller database it is easy, I just take a full backup, zip up the file and ftp it to the secure backup site. This strategy does not work so well when the zipped up database is still close to 3GB. I have a pretty big window for doing everything but 3GB is just too much to ftp overnight. The recovery model is simple so the only other option seemed to be do a full backup once a month and take differentials nightly. The problem is I am offsight and the client may need to take a full backup during the day and my nightly differential would get screwed up.

    There is a fairly low volume of transactions so the idea of just doing nightly backups on the data that has changed is the obvious choice but differentials don't seem to fit. Any ideas?


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    ...just finished an evaluation of SQL LiteSpeed...while the setup of the product can and is cumbersome, the size reduction is real. My evaluation was based on 15 databases of varying size which averaged a 75% decrease in backup file size. Having this great of a reduction would help probably help you achieve the transfer size/times you'd like...

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    You can look into striping backup. This way you get several files of much smaller size.
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