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    Question Unanswered: I enter a date range to/from from query, how do I get that date range print in report

    I'm pretty new to access, so any help please be very detalied (thanks in advance)
    I have created a query that asks for to/from date ranges. Linked a report to that query and it gives me all the data I want. Only thing, I would like the report to show me the date ranges I requested so that when I print the report it shows which dates the information is referring to. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Sounds like you're using parameters in a query (rather than displaying the dates in a form). What you're asking for is straightforward either way...

    Using parameters:

    Create 2 textboxes and set control source to the parameter fields. One for [start_date] and one for [end_date] (or whatever you called them)

    Using controls on a form:

    Create 2 textboxes with something like this: "=Forms!yourForm!yourControl.value"



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    I assume that your query has undefined parameters such as [Enter From Date] and [Enter To Date] that require input when the query is run and since the report is based off of this query, these parameters must be defined when you run the report.

    The way that I show the dynamic values is by putting a text box in the header of the report with the following code in the Control Source in the Properties Box:
    ="FROM "&[Enter From Date]&" THRU "&[Enter To Date]


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    Good morning sib2,

    Just wanted to say Welcome to the Forum and that buckeye_td is absolutely correct.

    have a nice day,

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    buckeye_td, your example worked perfectly and was extremely easy to follow and understand. Thank you very much to everyone that helped on this.
    You will definately be seeing more questions from me. Thanks again. you saved me many hours of frustration.

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