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    Unanswered: IIS 4 Hangs to SQL 2000

    Hello everyone,

    I've done some searching, asking of friends, and searching every log file and event file I can think of. So now I'm coming here.

    Recently I moved some of our databases from an NT4 box running SQL 7 to an Advanced 2000 box running SQL 2000. The web server is still on an NT4 box. It seems that about three times a day or so ASP type files will hang on the webserver. This server hosts different sites and all ASP type files will stop even if some of them hit the old SQL7 server.

    Right now I moved the web server back to looking at the SQL 7 machine and things are going fine.

    Can anyone offer me a direction to start looking? Why is it working fine to the old stuff but not the new stuff? Is there an issue with NT4 with its IIS trying to talk to an Advanced 2000 with its SQL2000?

    Thank you in advance for any help.

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    Are you getting any logs in the event logs when this happens? Are you using ADO to connect to both boxes (7.0 and 2000)? What version is your MDAC or connection dll's at?
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    All three MDACs are at 2.6. I say three because of the old SQL7, new SQL2000, and the webserver.

    It is using DSN connection on some items. There is one item that I'm not sure of because I didn't code it. Some time ago one of my managers (not with us any more) wrote our Content Managment Assistant (CMA). It is a Java com object. He created it so it gets the server, user, and password information from a registry key.

    Just a bit more information, ever since I changed the webserver to go back to the old SQL7 machine there have been no problems. I will gladly get you any more information that might help, but I may need a little more info on finding it, for example, which DLLs in question are you wanting me to check?

    Thank you again.

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