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Thread: text box update

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    Unanswered: text box update

    I have created a number of .txt files in VB, from which I can read back the items into an array of text boxes for viewing with all items available for viewing on the screen at once.

    I now want to be able to tab thru each of the text boxes and make any required changes and re-write the amendments back to the file.

    I have killed the required file, recreated it, and attempted to rewrite the items via a do..loop. The problem is that the items being written back to the file are the old items and not the ones reflected on the screen. My logic appears sound in stepping it thru.

    The files I am using are simple text lists, so I'd rather not get involved with creating databases and linking/connecting controls etc.

    any help would be appreciated.

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    Why don't you post your code that you're using, (rather than having us try to guess... )
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