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    Unanswered: Running PostgreSQL on XP

    I've had PostgreSQL 7.4.x running perfectly on Win2K for a long time.

    After changing to WinXP Pro, I've installed PostgreSQL 7.5 and 8.0 (at different times obviously) and both issue the same error messages.

    During installation the program issues error messages that cannot connect to database (on creating procedural languages and activating contrib modules).

    When I try to connect, through psql or pgadmin, this is the returned message ... "psql: could not receive server response to SSL negotiation packet: Connection reset by peer (0x00002746/10054)"

    When I change to local instead of user, I get another error message asking if I can really connect through localhost or port 5432 (eventhou I have set the listen_address = '*' on conf file).

    All help needed. Thanks

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    I think there was a bug in in the windows beta with ssl

    I think this is fixed now
    download the latest beta at
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    Using windows XP & postgresql 7.5 (installer)

    No problems here with postgresql 7.5. Windows xp with sp1 (sp2 gives me loads of problems with other applications tho)

    Must admit tho, im not using SSL on it.

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    Question I'm with same problem using version 8.0.0 - beta4

    I installed PostgreSQL Database Server 8.0.0-beta4 on Win-XP Professional, and when I try connect to server locally I receive the message from pgAdmin III: "count not receive server response to SSL negotiation packet: Conection reset by peer (0x00002746/10054).

    I change the properties of server localhost configuration of pgAdmin for disabling SSL, but the error change to:
    "server closed the connection unexpectedly This probably means server terminated abnormaly before or while processing the request".

    But the service "PostgreSQL Database Server 8.0.0-beta4" is running on the machine.

    I don't understanding what's the problem...

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