I have C++ Builder, and have tried to use different tutorials on the net, and some help from DevShed forums, but I haven't been able to get a combobox to query one column in a database that I created using the database desktop.
Here is what I have made with database desktop.
the name of the database is VehicleSelect.db
I have a lot of columns in there but I will only list the first 4
Year, Make, Model, VehicleType... etc
I have already just for testing filled in some data in the first row in the database.
My Goal is to have 4 comboboxes, that change according to the result of the previous combobox selection.
I am having a problem with the combobox that I have made first.
The first one is for the year. I would like it to look at the Year column in my database, and give me a listing, without duplicates, of all the Year's that are available. In order of course.
When the user selects a year, the second combo box will then use that selection to change it's list to whatever is available for that year, in Alphabetical order of Make
Then when the user selects a Make out combobox 2 , combobox 3 then reconfigures itself to show the models available for that Make of car and that year.
And then combobox 4 then configures itself to show what vehicle types are available. And then results of those four will bring up a page of wiring colors and pictures, etc.

If you have any ideas or thought on making C++ Builder forms query the database, and fill in the comboboxes. If I can get the first combobox to work, I might beable to figure out the rest.