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    Unanswered: Load form's when certain file opens

    I seem to be posting a lot lately but i am relly stuck here!

    I want to know how, if possible, how if a file opens that is mentioned in a list (list1) a form (form6) will load. Its a very complex program so cannot demonstrate with code.

    Thank You


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    Private Sub List1_Click()

    select case List1.Selected

    case WHATEVER

    end select

    End Sub

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    Sorry the code didn't work if it helps the program is activated by a cmdretrieve so would it be pri. sub cmdre..._click() and open isn't a command should if be show. I tried this but got a error saying Block if without end if about 100 times and i know there isn't eny block if without an end if????

    Can you Help!

    Thank you

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