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    Unanswered: Import Paradox 5.0 reports to Access 2000


    I want to import a Paradox database to Access 2000. Tabels are easy and queries can I conver to sql and paste to sql in Access.

    Reports however and there are many gives me problems!

    Can anyone help please?

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    Better get coding

    Since reports like forms have imbedded object pal coding in them there is probably no export feature available. You can open them up and examine the coding and reinsert other coding into Access reports. Unless the reports are made by third-party products (Like crystal reports) you are likely out of luck. But some other person may know of a third party product that will both import paradox reports and then export access reports. Which is what you are truly looking for.

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    I'm not aware of ANY kind of Report/Form converter, not only for Pdox, but for any kind of Desktop Database...

    I don't think something like this exists, but i'll be happy of being corrected.
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