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    Exclamation Unanswered: Linking to back-end data / networking

    I'm going to be using the application that I'm building on a network and I have two main questions regarding this.

    1. I do not want the application to link to the back-end data automatically. The reason for this is that the back-end data file will be moved periodically as a security measure. I would rather have a command button on a form that allows me to "Browse" for the back-end file on the network and once I have found it, relinks all of the data. Can this be done?

    2. I have a login form set to "Startup" that verifies that a user has permission to use the application. The user login information is stored in a table and per #1 above, will be stored on the back-end elsewhere on the network. Herein lies my dilema. I want only authorized users to be able to relink to the data in the backend, but unless the data is already linked (remember, the user login info is in the backend), there's no way to verify that a user has permission to even link to the back-end. Does this make any sense?

    The only approach I could think of to tackle this would be to have two different tables with login information. One table would contain generic login information and would reside on the front-end computer. The login information in this table would allow linking of the back-end data. Once linked, the back-end data would contain the login information for accessing the application as usual. Is this the proper way to approach this or am I in outerspace somewhere?

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    consider using two separate backend databases:

    - one permanently linked and containing your password stuff

    - the other dynamically linked after the hacker cracks your password scheme um, sorry, after the user has correctly logged in.

    you can link simultaneously to several separate backends... i don't know the max number but i have used half a dozen linked databases in the past.

    currently using SS 2008R2

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    Network Security

    User logon information could be kept in the usual .mdw file which should be on the same network share as the front end database.

    To be honest if you feel that you need to change the database location to give more security I don't think anything you do with Access is going to solve your problems.

    If your backend is password protected and it a post 97 database it's going to be difficult for anyon to hack into it. Physically moving it across a network could lead to all sorts of problems, even if you have complete control of it. If you don't have that degree of controlover the network I'd suggest forget it. There will be backups of your database all over the place if you're not careful, making your system less rather than more secure.

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