I have a project that will require knowledge of PHP, mySQL and OsCommerce. The project I have in mind uses all three technologies. I will need this done based on deadline*. The deadline is not set yet, but what I mean is that if you say you can meet a deadline, it NEEDS to be met. I will also need all source codes to NOT be encrypted/encoded and will require all exclusive rights to anything created.

Please let me know if you are interested and I will provide further details. Also, please let me know some projects you have completed and your rates. Feel
free to forward a standard resume as well if you'd like.

I am not hard set on using OsCommerce, so if you feel that developing our own shopping cart system is better for our needs, that is fine. Thus, people without OsCommerce experience should not be discouraged from replying.

Please email me your contact details and request for information to:

i n f o [ a t ] d i g i t a l l y j u s t i f i e d . c o m