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    Unanswered: TabStrips

    Hi i have a problem i have this programme that includes a TabStrip
    now i need to make changes to some tabs and in order to to that in designview i rightclicked on the tabs and choosed "send to back" to get to a special tab and already saved it
    now i thought i can just do "bring to front" in order to set the other tabs visible again but that doesnt work the tabs above the one i made the changes are still not showing the items they contain but just a blank grey tab
    the same goes for when i run the programme then also the tab i made the changes and all tabs below it can be seen
    the tabs above only show a grey tab
    does somebody know how i can change that?
    Thanks so much

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    i found the problem now i have to minimize the visible frames on the tab a bit so i can click on the ones i sent to back and then use the bring to front option on them, its still a bit of a mess afterwards though to try and bring all of them in the proper size and order again

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