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    Unanswered: Ora-08103

    I have a problem with some access to Oracle database.
    I'm working with Oracle9i in an AIX. I have some processes that run simultaneously
    and accesses to the same database, there are moments in which two processes make
    a DML sentences (select, update, insert) to the same table.

    From time to time I find the next error:

    'ORA-08103: object no longer exists'.

    Reading books it seems to be a problem of concurrence, but I suppose Oracle
    control simultaneous access or transtancions and I don't understand why occurs this error.
    it could be a problem od commit/rollback control??

    Any advice will be greatly aprecciatted.


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    someone is dropping the objects or deleting data you are trying to use from another session.

    I would recommend reading Tom Kite's book: "Expert One on One"

    He goes into great deal regarding concurrency and shows many fine examples.

    Basically, it looks like you have something like this:

    Session #1 gathers data like this:
    select * from t1 where id = 1;

    Session #2 then does this:
    update t1 set id = 2 where id = 1;

    Session #1 now tries to update the same row it selected:
    update t1 set name = 'xyz' where id = 1;

    (now there is no row)

    When using cursors you will get the error you were talking about.
    One way to avoid this is to use a cursor FOR UPDATE clause.
    However, be careful using that clause and the possible ramifications of locking the table.
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    Smile select...for update

    Thank you,

    The problem was between a 'select' and a 'truncate partition', using select ... for update, it works

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