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    Unanswered: If Then Else - VBA need help

    Hi VBA experts,

    I need to automate my Access tables and reporting but I am stuck with a problem on the data integrity which apparently my office's current Brio Application can not fix. Therefore I have to find a work-around solution but I am not good in VBA and have to seek the expert's assistance.

    Any solution should base on the column with header name "Criteria/Guideline".

    Any help offered is very much appreciated.
    Big THANKS to you in anticipation.
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    Select Case or If-Then-ElseIf structure

    Urgently need some help for the code, either Select Case or ElseIf structure.
    Hope some experts can give me a hand and a BIG Thanks.

    [SalesOrder] -already sorted in ascending order.
    [SO_line] -already sorted in ascending order.
    [PartNumber] -numeric or alpha-numeric
    [OrderQty] -numeric
    [DN_date] -look for the earliest date to update Fields [QtyReq] and [LineReq]

    * Note that [SalesOrder] & [SO_line], [PartNumber],[OrderQty] can be duplicate because of the split Delivery Notes in [DeliveryNote], but the sum of the [Delivered_Qty] is always = [OrderQty] for a single PartNumber of a single SalesOrder/SO_line.
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    What is your problem?

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