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    Unanswered: Question about Ingres License

    Hi all,
    I am trying Ingres, i think it perform well. I read it license but don't under it.
    I know Ingres is open source under Computer Associates Trusted Open Source License but is Ingres free for commercial use? If my application is commercial , must i open code of my application ?
    I know my question is in Ingres License but i can't understand it.
    Thank very much. Sorry for my english.

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    My understanding is that you can distribute the R3 version of Ingres with your application free of charge.
    You have to distribute the Ingres software licence with it, and I believe include the source.
    You do not have to include source for you application however, which is just using Ingres. Any modifications to Ingres you make however - like if you fix bugs or include additional functionality like improved checkpoints - then you have to include source.

    I have a limited understanding however and you would be better off asking CA and getting legal advice in the end...

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