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    Unanswered: shared memory not initialized for INFORMIXSERVER 'rh_shm'

    I have a problem with starting IDS..

    after oninit -v in the trerminal I have the following messages:

    ================================================== ==
    # oninit -v
    Checking group membership to determine server run modesucceeded
    Reading configuration file '/opt/informix-9.21/etc/onconfig'...succeeded
    Creating /INFORMIXTMP/.infxdirs ... succeeded
    Creating infos file "/opt/informix-9.21/etc/.infos.rh_shm" ... "/opt/informix-9.21/etc/.conf.rh_shm" ... succeeded
    Writing to infos file ... succeeded
    Checking config parameters...succeeded
    Allocating and attaching to shared memory...succeeded
    Creating resident pool 13214 kbytes...succeeded
    Creating buffer pool 64002 kbytes...succeeded
    Initializing rhead structure...succeeded
    Initializing ASF ...succeeded
    Initializing Dictionary Cache and SPL Routine Cache...succeeded
    Bringing up ADM VP...succeeded
    Creating VP classes...succeeded
    Onlining 0 additional cpu vps...succeeded
    Onlining 2 IO vps...succeeded
    Forking main_loop thread...succeeded
    Initializing DR structures...succeeded
    Forking 1 'ipcshm' listener threads...succeeded
    Forking 1 'soctcp' listener threads...succeeded
    Forking 0 'soctcp' listener threads...#
    ================================================== ==

    and on the on the online.log file few last lines are

    ================================================== ==
    18:54:57 Informix Dynamic Server 2000 Started.

    Mon Oct 25 18:54:58 2004

    18:54:58 Event alarms enabled. ALARMPROG = '/opt/informix-9.21/etc/'
    18:54:58 Booting Language <c> from module <>
    18:54:58 Loading Module <CNULL>
    18:54:58 Booting Language <builtin> from module <>
    18:54:58 Loading Module <BUILTINNULL>
    18:55:04 listener-thread: err = -25572: oserr = 98: errstr = : Network driver cannot bind a name to the port.
    System error = 98.
    18:55:04 Attempting to bring listener thread down.

    18:55:04 Server stopped.
    +================================================= ==

    when I try to do
    onstat -command, I have a error on the terminal:
    shared memory not initialized for INFORMIXSERVER 'rh_shm'

    How can I initialize the shared memory?

    the sqlhosts file consist of the lines:

    ================================================== ==
    rh_soc onsoctcp redhat infx_soc
    rh_shm onipcshm redhat infx_shm
    rh20_soc onsoctcp infx_soc
    node_soc olsoctcp dbgate 1427
    gate2pub_soc onsoctcp 1427
    db1pub_soc onsoctcp 1427
    dblinux_soc onsoctcp infx_soc
    ol_pit olsoctcp 1526
    ================================================== ==

    and in the onconfig file are the variables:

    ================================================== ==
    # System Configuration

    SERVERNUM 1 # Unique id corresponding to a OnLine instance
    DBSERVERNAME rh_shm # Name of default database server
    DBSERVERALIASES rh_soc,rh20_soc # List of alternate dbservernames
    NETTYPE soctcp,1,100,NET # Configure poll thread(s) for nettype
    NETTYPE ipcshm,1,100,CPU # Configure poll thread(s) for nettype
    DEADLOCK_TIMEOUT 60 # Max time to wait of lock in distributed env.
    RESIDENT 0 # Forced residency flag (Yes = 1, No = 0)

    ================================================== ==

    help me,
    how can I start the server normally?

    And another question. As I understand, afther all of these, the server not started, but when I try to connect to the server 'rh_soc' from my windows machine from eSQL application (as I understand throught ODBC driver), the connection is OK and I can work with this databases. Why?
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